June 19, 2017

Aluminium Bi-Folds

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Innovative And Visually Stunning

Bi-Folding doors glide open to seamlessly join inside and outside space.

Flood any room with natural light and, in just a couple of seconds, open up for extra space and the feel of cool summer breeze.
The addition of a bi-fold door can completely transform a living space, their flexible nature mean they can be fully opened, partially opened, or totally closed depending on the space available and, naturally, on what the weather's like. Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, our bi-fold doors are the perfect replacement for existing patio or french doors to flood any room with natural light.
All of our bi-fold doors are designed with slim contemporary lines and hidden gearing. Sophisticated hardware has never looked so sleek and stylish.


aluminium bi folds

The Benefits Of Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Its not just about beauty. The aluminium bi-fold doors utilise industry leading leading technology that gives you and your home - the absolute cutting edge in looks, weathering, and security. Our bi-fold doors are the full package - excellence both inside and out.  

Stylish But Secure

The bi-fold doors have numerous configurations to suit your home and lifestyle needs, with a range of solid and combination colours to match any decor. The suited hardware features the latest in security technology, and ease of use that makes the bi-fold doors the perfect fit for any home.
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"High Security Performance"

Nothing matters more to a homeowner than security. Using the latest technology, the aluminium bi-fold doors ensure that you and your family's safety is never in question.

Peace Of Mind

All of our doors use shootbolt locking features, with 3 hook locking and latch for all master doors. The security doesn't compromise the bi-fold doors' sleek design though - all the locking systems are enclosed within the aluminium casing, maintaining the pleasant aesthetic and keeping the mechanisms away from interference. All hardware is approved as secured by Design, offering peace of mind and safety for you and your home.

High Performing, Energy Efficient Bi-Fold Doors

Modern designs for modern times - the absolute latest in purpose design using high performing materials.

Whether its a drizzly winter's evening or a july heatwave, the bi-fold doors will keep you comfortable, while saving money on your energy bills. Every inch of the door, from the frame through to the glass pane, its designed to maximise efficiency, and ensure that your home lets in natural light, without letting heat escape.
Our aluminium bi-fold doors combine the very best materials with high performing double and triple glazed glass units for the complete energy efficient solution.

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