Glass Options

Planitherm Total+

Planitherm total plus is a unique combination as it has multiple metal oxide layers applied to high quality planiclear float glass. It uses a magnetically enhanced cathodic spluttering process under vacuum conditions.  The microscopically thin transparent metallic coating  effectively reflects long-wave heat radiation back into a room, retaining heat within a building whilst maximizing natural light transmission. 

Triple Glazing

Thanks to its optimised balance of solar gain (G-value) and thermal installation (U-value) planitherm total+ is ideally suited to triple glazing applications. Typically the coating is positioned to provide the best window energy rating performance.

Bio Clean Glass

Bio clean glass can be combined with planitherm total+ to add effective self-cleaning properties to a double glazed unit. This combination offers a significantly more neutral and less reflective solution compared to other products currently available on the market.

Acoustic Glazing

Stadip silence is in the acoustic PVC laminated glass. It noticeably lowers noise whilst also offering the same safety and security characteristics as laminated glass.

Decor glass

EST-Graphic-mainDecor glass is a range of traditional frosted glass with varying obs curation levels which can be combined with planitherm total+ to offer privacy in various applications. They are typically installed in bathrooms, toilets, and rooms which require a variety of privacy levels.